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Hermès Sellier Bags

The Birkin Sellier:
For years now, Hermes has been tinkering with a new design for their iconic Birkin bag. As the classic Kelly is constructed in both Retourne and Sellier styles, the Birkin too is now being produced in an out-stitched Sellier construction to counterbalance the original design (do we call that the Retourne Birkin now?). The first example of this new construction came in 2014 as the 40cm Vache Hunter Sellier Birkin, which featured an unlined interior with a tethered zip pouch, and distinct stitches around the hardware on the bag’s face. Five years later, the maison’s master craftsmen perfected the design, releasing limited examples of both 25cm and 30cm Sellier Birkins. This store-fresh piece is one such example, and unlike the original version, today’s Sellier Birkins have fully lined interiors with all of the classic pockets we’ve come to expect. This bag is triply special because of its color and material: Bronze d'Ore Madame leather, a new shade meant to evoke the warm tone of metallic bronze, and a new leather with a subtle, ladylike pressed texture, daintier than classic Epsom, which is perfectly paired with Palladium hardware.

The Kelly Sellier:
“boxy, structured, rigid” The Kelly Sellier has visible topstitching along the side seams and no exterior piping like the Retourne. The corners and edges are “sharper” contributing to a more boxy look. Compared the retourne, the craftsmanship of the Sellier is a little more difficult and requires more steps. The seams are topstitched together and bees wax is applied to the edges, which protects the bag from damage. Due to this method of construction, the Sellier appears larger than a retourne in the same size. Out of the two styles, the Sellier is more limited.