Inside the intense world of Birkin bag collectors, who pay up to $500,000 for one bag.

Would you pay $500,000 … for a bag? In 2019, a diamond-encrusted Birkin handbag made of crocodile, from the French luxury brand Hermes, sold for half a million dollars. The Birkin consistently shatters sales records at auction, selling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars...

The pandemic is yet to dampen demand for luxury goods resales

What Do You Do With the World’s Most Expensive Handbag?

The experts tell us about the care and use—dear God, do not carry it with denim!—of the Hermès White Himalayan Birkin.

The Hermès Broker Who Sold the World’s Most Expensive Bag

On any given day, she gets up around 4 or 5 a.m. to start answering emails from around the world, and often works through the night to satisfy her buyers located in Asia...

Remember the Most Expensive Bag Ever Sold? Meet the Broker.

The Anatomy of a $432,000 Handbag

...we spoke to 1stdibs dealer JaneFinds—the bag’s retailer and one of the foremost authorities on collectable Hermès—to figure out exactly why this magnificent Birkin merits its equally magnificent price...