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Meet the founder

Jane Angert

Jane's expertise in the world of Hermès is unparalleled, having established herself as a preeminent authority over her twenty five year plus illustrious career. Renowned for her deep passion and extensive collection, she brings a wealth of knowledge and an eye for detail that has become invaluable to elite auction houses, distinguished collectors, and leading stylists globally. Her profound understanding of Hermès' multifaceted heritage and nuances positions her as the quintessential consultant in this luxury domain, offering insights that are both rich in depth and unmatched in precision.


With a keen understanding of the importance of individual needs and preferences, Jane tailors her guidance to each client, ensuring a highly customized service.

Whether her clients are interested in a specific price point, are making their inaugural purchase of an Hermès bag, or are seasoned collectors looking to expand their impressive assortment, Jane is wholly committed to assisting them in their unique journey.


Jane employs her extensive knowledge and innate understanding of the brand, to ensure her clients feel supported and satisfied at every stage of their Hermès collecting experience.

With our hand-picked curated collections, you get the benefit of Jane's personal guidance delivered right to your doorstep.