Learn Why It Pays To Sell With JaneFinds!

Store fresh, pristine bags are always preferred. In addition to outright purchases, we accept bags on consignment or as partial trade for a bag we have in stock.

Our cash payment price is based on market conditons that take into consideration the popularity of the style, item condition, estimated time to sell the bag, the age of the bag, among others. All purchase prices are negotiated on an item by item basis but typically we will pay between 60% and 80% of the market price, depending on the dollar value of the item.

Bags consigned with us have the potential for a greater payout than outright purchase and may be a preferable option for those having store fresh bags seeking to maximize the return and have time to wait. Most used bags are taken only on consignment or toward a trade of a bag we have in stock. Used bags must be in mint or near mint condition consistent with the quality expectations of the JaneFinds customer.

The Process 

1 – Estimate

• Contact us using the form below with specific information about your bags
• Include expected prices if you have them in mind
• We will reply to you if we are interested and then you will provide at least several clearly lit photos of the item, it's stamp, and original receipt
2 – Ship and Pack

• All boxes and its contents must be packed securely and photographed prior to shipping. We suggest using bubble wrap or plastic recycling bags to reduce risk of damage and shipping FedEx Direct Signature Required
    3 – Payment

    • On receipt of the item, we will inspect it, refine the final price, if necessary
    • When your item sells you will be notified and you will be paid within five business days
    • We do not pay third parties
    • We must look at each bag in person for authentication. Original receipts are required for store fresh items.

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