The design elements of the iconic Hermes Kelly bag have been around for over a hundred years, and starting in the middle of the twentieth century, these elements were rendered together in smaller and smaller handbags. While 25cm Kelly bags have surfaced dating back to the mid 1960’s, the truly mini 20cm Kelly started c
While today Hermes is known as the epitome of luxury, crafting the highest quality products for all aspects of life, their roots trace back to a purely equestrian heritage. Hermes began making saddlery in Paris in 1837, and has evolved over the following centuries expanding into every corner of their clients’ lives, ma
Many credit Jean-Paul Gaultier’s revitalization of Hermes in the mid-2000’s as the fuel injection that blasted the world of handbag collecting into the stratosphere. Margiela’s 1997-2003 tenure realized many beautiful clothes, but Gaultier’s flair for the theatrical is what brought Hermes handbags to the next level. On
Through headlines and celebrity sightings, nearly everyone has become familiar with that most-unattainable of Hermes bags: The Himalayan. You’ve likely read something about how the gray-to-white ombre is meant to evoke the majestic Himalayan mountain range (which is true), or about how it’s made from rare Himalayan cro...
“Look at that one, isn’t it adorable?” “Which one?” “The red one in the middle. I love it!” “The Birkin bag? Really? That’s not even yo style” “Oh honey it’s not so much the style, it’s what carrying it means” “It means you’re out four thousand bucks” “Exactly. When I’m tooling around town with that bag, I’ll know I’ve
So, you’ve seen a few articles lately about how handbags are breaking records on the auction block, the market is going up, and some even say Birkin's are a better investment than gold, and in recent years have beaten the average of the S&P 500. But how can you get in on this?
Launched in 2011, and first seen out and about in the summer of that year, the Hermes Candy collection is one of the widest ranging limited editions for Birkin's and Kelly's. The brightest colors were released first, with the more subdued tones following in Fall 2012. Hermes had created limited edition bags in the past