Much has been said about the experience of buying bags from Hermès. Many of their styles are ready in store and on the company’s website for anyone to purchase, but...
Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags are widely accepted as the height of handbags, the pinnacle of quality materials and craft, the ultimate in timeless style. But neither of these models have been seen on the arm of any of America’s First Ladies—that is, until Melania Trump. In the past, First Ladies made a point to never ca
Over the years Hermes has had many influential designers come and go through its ateliers, bringing with each their own unique spirit that permanently marks the House. And 2004 saw the start of a fresh era, the era of Gaultier. From his very first runway show, it was clear the already iconic French designer would satur
Hermes has a long history of experimenting with new ways to craft the luxury materials they’re famous for using. In 2000 as an exciting new millenium began, an exciting new material started popping up in Hermes stores around the world. Dense with thin colorful stripes, this suede-like material was called Vibrato. The u