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Article: Hermès Colormatic Series

Hermès Colormatic Series

What makes the new Colormatic series from Hermes so special are the changes made to the structure and design of the Birkin and Kelly themselves. Exterior pockets in the front and back are not only playful but practical, too. Most Limited Editions only play with already variable aspects of these bags, but far fewer go so far as to change the design of the bag all together.

Here is a look back as some other Limited Editions that changed the Birkins and Kelly —

Shadow Birkin
First released under Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Shadow Birkin does away with a traditional Birkin’s structure entirely. These bags have an open top with interior sangles that have snap closures to hold the bag’s top together. Recently released in a 25cm size to much acclaim, Shadow Birkins evoke the classic elements of a Birkin without actually having any.

Fray and Feutre Birkin's
The recent Fray Birkin's, which feature canvas bodies and frayed sellier edges, have convasinterior as well and sport only one zip pocket. This interior design is somewhat similar to the Fetre Wool Birkins, though these have no interior pockets. The first Sellier Birkin Hermes was a special 40cm example done exclusively in black Vache Hunter. These bags were also unlined and came with a zip pouch that served as an interior pocket. The stitching around the handles and hardware on these unusual Birkins makes them all-the-more special.

Cavalcadour and Berline Kellys
In 2017 Hermes released a few limited edition Kellys with one notable design change: a rear exterior slip pocket. The colorful printed Cavalcadour Kelly and the Berline Kelly which is still in production today and features a coated canvas body in a variety of colors both sport this exciting development. Rare vintage Kellys have been seen with exterior slip pockets, but these examples make this feature far more accessible.

3 in 1 Birkin
Another recent design that has boldly played with the classic Birkin elements is the 3 in 1, which separates the flap and gives it its own body. Usable in a number of different ways, 3 in 1 Birkins have transformed the way we think about Birkin’s practicality and potential.

Cargo Birkin
The Cargo Birkin probably goes farther than any other on this list in terms of its transformativeness. The flap is a wholly new design, featuring Toile Goelan canvas trimmed with Swift leather. The exterior pockets surround the bag, some adding volume, jutting out, balancing the removable cup-holder that gives these bags such an iconic shape.

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