Hermes Birkin 25 Beton Togo Palladium Hardware - 2019, D




In the spectrum of neutrals Hermes produces, there are only a few shades that edge close to white. Beton, meaning concrete in French, gets the closest, with a true cool neutral that couldn't be mistaken for any shade of brown or gray. These incredibly light hues are difficult to produce as the natural pigments are first stripped from the leather before dying begins. In Togo leather, the delicate texture evokes the namesake concrete. Topped with gleaming palladium hardware, this store-fresh 25cm Birkin represents mankind’s ability to reshape even stone for our purposes, as Hermes has reshaped leather and metal and thread into this perfect creation.

Hardware: Palladium
Color: Beton
Material: Togo Leather
25cm: 10" W x 5" D x 8"H

Condition: Excellent
Collection: 2019, D


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Where used in this sale the term "hardware" refers to the metallic parts of the bag, such as the buckle hardware, base studs, lock and keys and/or strap, which are plated with a coloured finish (e.g. gold, silver, palladium). The terms "Gold Hardware", "Silver Hardware", "Palladium Hardware" etc. refer to the tone or colour of the hardware and not the actual material used. If the bag incorporates solid metal hardware this will be referenced in the lot description.

Store Fresh - No indication of wear, all plastic on hardware, never worn, essentially as new.

Pristine - Little to no indication of handling, usually with all plastic on hardware and most likely never worn.

Excellent - Very minor evidence of handling.

Very Good - Evidence of wear and handling, with no major flaws.

Good - Moderate wear and is fully functional.

Fair - Moderate wear and has condition issues that may or may not be repairable.

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