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Article: Pinterest Predicts, Hermes Delivers - A 2024 Trend Odyssey

Pinterest Predicts, Hermes Delivers - A 2024 Trend Odyssey

Originally published on BagWorld

In the ever-churning landscape of trends, Pinterest serves as a crystal ball, offering shimmering reflections of what's to come. Their 2024 predictions, a vibrant tapestry woven from diverse desires, resonate with an unexpected muse: Hermes, a symbol of luxury and individuality. Each prediction, nestled within the H universe, reveals fascinating parallels between the world of collectible bags and the pulse of global aspirations.

  1. Hot Metals: Sizzling Sterling Silver

Pinterest predicts a surge in metallics, and this is mirrored in the record-setting price achieved at Christie’s in December 2023 with the sale of a rare Hermes Sterling Silver Mini Kelly from the 1990s for $214,200. Cool silver tones and bold chrome take center stage, transforming homes into sleek sanctuaries. Imagine kitchens adorned with aluminum appliances, doors shimmering with metallic paint, and furniture gleaming with chrome accents. It's a futuristic symphony of shine. Hermes has teased the release of metallic Chevre Mini Kellys, and the Sterling Silver Mesh Kelly Bijou still sits atop many collectors’ wishlists. Their sterling silver jewelry has also proven perennially popular with designs like Chaine d’Ancre, Torsade and Boucle Sellier serving as mainstays for decades.

  1. Kitschens: Let There Be Limiteds

Many of Hermes’ whimsical Limited Editions form a kaleidoscope of textures and colors, finding an echo in Pinterest's "Kitschens" trend. Expect a playful explosion of patterns, with mismatched prints and clashing colors dancing across fashion, interiors, and even food. Think polka dots paired with stripes, floral prints juxtaposed with geometrics, and vibrant hues swirling in unconventional harmony. Just as a Limited Editon Birkin celebrates individuality, so too will this trend embrace the joy of bold self-expression. The patchwork Cascade Birkins and vibrant printed 1,2,3 & Away We Go Birkins will make a comeback, and recent editions like the Colormatic series will maintain their footing. Off-kilter designs like the En Desordre series fit in well with this trend, and a resurgence in interest for the vintage Symbiose collection is beginning to percolate in the market.

  1. Be Jelly: Fabulous Fringe

The playful flounce of the recently released Anate Birkin and Kelly Danse mirrors Pinterest's "Be Jelly" prediction. Get ready for a playful embrace of all things jelly, from translucent clothing and footwear to home decor that glistens with a playful bounce. Imagine jelly chairs that invite spontaneous wonder, walls adorned with shimmering jelly art, and even desserts that wobble in delightful jiggles. It's a trend that celebrates the inner child, reminding us to find joy in the unexpected and indulge in a touch of playful whimsy. Just emerging onto the market at the tail end of 2023, the fringed Anate Birkins and Kelly Danses play into this playful trend with their long swinging fringes. Hermes has produced Anate fringe bags before, even multicolor suede ones, along with the ultra-rare Fringe Birkins that were produced about a decade ago.

  1. Make It Big: Big Bags are Back!

The bold, commanding presence of a Big Birkin finds its echo in Pinterest's "Make It Big" prediction. Expect a shift towards oversized silhouettes, statement furniture, and maximalist design elements. Think bold, sculptural chairs, walls adorned with larger-than-life artwork, and clothing that embraces dramatic volume. It's a trend that celebrates grandeur, urging us to step outside the box and embrace the power of scale. A decade of relative dormancy on the secondary market has positioned 35 and 40cm Birkins and Kellys beautifully to bloom in the coming year. Interest in bigger bags has been ticking up in recent seasons but 2024 will see the trend go full-blown. Get your big bags now before prices get bigger and carry your ludicrously capacious bags with pride!

  1. Cafécore: Box Brunch

The Cafécore trend encapsulates the charm of a quaint café, paralleled in the sophisticated simplicity of Hermes' Box leather. Picture cozy interiors reminiscent of a Parisian café, with warm wooden accents, vintage decor, and an aura of inviting elegance. In this trend, fashion and interior design take cues from the time-honored allure of a classic café, blending nostalgia with modern chic. Hermes' Box leather, known for its smooth, glossy finish and patina that deepens over time, mirrors this trend's appreciation for timeless beauty and understated luxury. Just as a café offers a respite from the bustling world outside, Box leather bags provide a touch of refined serenity in the fast-paced world of 2024.

  1. Eclectic Grandpa: Canvas Carryalls

The Eclectic Grandpa trend celebrates the fusion of traditional charm with contemporary flair, much like the unique appeal of Hermes' canvas bags, whether that’s Toile, Officier, Feutre, or Wool. This trend brings together a mix of old-world aesthetics and modern sensibilities, creating an eclectic and unexpected style. Imagine vintage tweeds paired with bold prints, classic silhouettes juxtaposed with edgy accessories, and a playful blend of textures and patterns. It appeals to those who appreciate the craftsmanship of the past while embracing the boldness of the present, offering a versatile and stylish choice for the coming year. The most appropriate bag for this trend, though, is the Hermes Lainage Birkin, featuring a houndstooth plaid wool body, which originally walked one of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Hermes runways.

  1. Head to Glow: Bag Care

The Head to Glow trend shines a spotlight on the art of maintaining and cherishing luxury items, akin to the meticulous care given to Hermes bags. This trend focuses on the rituals and practices that preserve and enhance the beauty of cherished possessions, from skincare routines to the careful conditioning of leather goods. Just as we nurture our skin to radiate health and vitality, Hermes enthusiasts invest time and effort in maintaining their bags. This might involve regular cleaning, conditioning, and storing them properly to ensure they retain their allure and value over time. This trend underscores the importance of self-care and the care of the things we hold dear, highlighting the beauty that comes from attention and dedication.

  1. Give a Scrap: petit h

Give a Scrap encapsulates the innovative spirit of repurposing and reimagining materials, paralleled in Hermes' petit h line. This trend celebrates creativity and sustainability, turning leftovers and scraps into treasured items. In a similar vein, Hermes' petit h takes leather offcuts, damaged goods, and unused materials from their main collections and transforms them into unique, whimsical pieces. This trend encourages a shift in perspective, seeing potential in the overlooked and value in the discarded. It's a celebration of ingenuity and sustainability, where the creation of something new and beautiful from the remnants mirrors our ability to reinvent and adapt.

  1. Tropic Like It's Hot: Pool Purses

The Tropic Like It's Hot trend captures the essence of another luxury trend: Pool Jewels, fine jewelry in bright colors with big stones that glisten in the sun while worn poolside. Envision a world where beachy vibes meet urban chic, with splashes of tropical prints and sun-drenched colors dominating both fashion and interior design. Think aquatic designs and interiors echoing the serenity of a seaside retreat. For Hermes, this translates to summer colors like Bleu Izmir or Anemone or Lime, hues of Miami and Havana. Bags like these perfectly encapsulate this trend, bringing a touch of the tropics to every outing.

  1. Blue Beauty: Blue is Back

Dive into the deep end with the Blue Beauty trend, where shades of azure and cobalt reign supreme, mirroring the timeless appeal of Hermes' blue bags. In this trend, expect a sea of blue in everything from denim to decor. Picture living rooms bathed in marine hues, wardrobes splashed with sapphire, and accessories like scarves and handbags in varying shades of blue. Hermes bags crafted in iconic blues such as Bleu Marine and Bleu Jean, perfectly align with this trend, offering a classic yet fresh take on this versatile color. With over 40 shades in their repertoire, blue has, in recent years, been one of the less popular color categories, but that could all start to change in 2024.

  1. Dirt Flirts: Pretty Patina

The Dirt Flirts trend celebrates the beauty of wear and tear, akin to the cherished patina of a well-loved Birkin. This trend finds beauty in imperfection, embracing distressed textures and faded finishes in both fashion and furniture. Imagine distressed leather jackets, weathered wood tables, and walls with a touch of peeling paint. Hermes bags in 'bad condition' are becoming more and more coveted for their stories and character, much like the items in this trend.

  1. Western Gothic: Black Barenia

The Western Gothic trend merges the ruggedness of the Wild West with the elegance of Gothic aesthetics, echoed in Hermes' rare Black Barenia bags. Expect a fusion of cowboy boots with lace, dark florals with leather, and a palette dominated by deep, moody tones. This trend speaks to a daring blend of history and mystery, much like the timeless allure of a Black Barenia, a shadowy heritage leather that is imbued with a dark Western sensibility, a lone ranger in a black hat. One can’t help but remember the video short “When Kelly Came to Town” that Hermes released a few years back featuring their Dechainee Kelly.

  1. Rest Stops: Squishy Swift

Rest Stops introduces a trend of serene, soft palettes and minimalist designs, reflected in Hermes' Swift leather bags in neutral colors. Think spaces and wardrobes that breathe tranquility and simplicity, with pastel tones and understated elegance. This trend is about finding peace in the chaos, much like the gentle allure of a big Swift Hermes bag. The soft smooth leather, which often lines Swift bags as well, is like a buttery pillow you can bring with you wherever you go.

  1. Groovy Nuptials: Must-Have Minaudieres

The Groovy Nuptuals trend brings back the disco era with a modern twist and can be experienced through Hermes' evening bags. Expect wedding and party scenes exploding with sequins, metallic fabrics, and bold colors. Hermes' evening bags, like Kelly Pochettes, or rare designs like the Medor Minaudiere are the perfect accessory for this trend that celebrates love, life, and the joy of dancing the night away.

  1. Jazz Revival: Kelly Clutches

The Jazz Revival trend brings back the elegance and charm of the Jazz Age, echoed in the sleek design of Hermes' Kelly Clutches. Picture evenings filled with smooth music, flapper dresses, and accessories that speak of old-world charm. The Kellys Pochette, Cut or Elan, with their iconic closures, fit perfectly into this trend that celebrates sophistication and the golden age of jazz.

  1. Cute Coins: Customization

The Cute Coins trend emphasizes personalization, much like the customization undertaken by many collectors on their Hermes bags. Expect a rise in DIY fashion, with personalized jewelry, custom embroidery, and unique accessories. Hermes' bags have a history of customization, beyond allowing VIP clients to choose colors, hardware, and monograms, collectors also commission artists to paint unique artworks on their bags, bringing personalization into the realm of fine art.

  1. Making a Racket: La Vie Sportif

The Making a Racket trend blends sporty chic with high fashion, as seen in Hermes' white bags and their emphasis on living la vie sportif. Imagine tennis skirts paired with luxury sneakers, athletic-inspired dresses, and accessories that blend function with style. Hermes' bags in crisp white, echo this trend's celebration of active lifestyles married with fashion-forward thinking. Gym Birkins and using HACs for carrying sports equipment - as they were originally meant for carrying saddles - sew this trend into aspects of everyday life.

  1. Aquatecture: Bag Displays

Aquatecture is about integrating water elements into architecture and design, and I must admit it was difficult to link this one to a Hermes trend. After much thought, I find Aquatecture much like displaying Hermes bags as art pieces. This trend sees water features in homes and public spaces, creating a tranquil and fluid aesthetic. Similarly, Hermes bags are often displayed in collectors' homes as pieces of art, behind glass with custom lighting, temperature, and humidity controls, keeping them safe while showcasing their design and craftsmanship. Less like a sterile store display and more like a home aquarium swimming with Birkins.

  1. Melty Mashups: Multiple Bags!

The Melty Mashups trend is all about mixing and matching, similar to the style of carrying two bags at once. This trend encourages playful combinations of patterns, textures, and styles, breaking the rules of conventional fashion. Carrying two Hermes bags of different designs or colors exemplifies this trend's spirit of creative expression. Consider hanging a mini Kelly off your Birkin 40, or wearing a Micro Constance as a necklace with a Kelly over the shoulder.

  1. Inch Stone: Sharing Your H Journey

The Inch Stone trend celebrates the personal narratives and milestones associated with each Hermes acquisition. This trend is about more than just the bags themselves; it's about the stories, experiences, and memories that accompany each Hermes piece. Enthusiasts are encouraged to document and share every step of their journey with Hermes – from the anticipation of choosing a bag to the joy of finally adding it to their collection. This might include sharing photos of their latest acquisition, writing about their experiences at Hermes stores, or even creating videos that discuss the craftsmanship behind each piece. In this trend, every minor detail – be it a color choice, leather selection, or the occasion marked by the purchase – becomes a significant chapter in the individual's Hermes story. It's a celebration of the journey, not just the destination, encouraging a deeper appreciation and connection to each piece and the personal journey it represents.

  1. Knockout Workouts: Shopping Marathons

Embrace the stamina and thrill of Knockout Workouts, a trend paralleled in the excitement of Hermes shopping marathons. This trend celebrates endurance in both physical fitness and the exhilarating chase for the perfect bag. Envision high-energy workout routines that mirror the intensity of a day-long shopping spree, where agility, speed, and persistence are key. Just as athletes train for marathons, Hermes enthusiasts prepare for their shopping expeditions, mapping out boutiques, strategizing over quotas, and racing to snag coveted pieces. During auction weeks, the routes can be grueling! It’s a fusion of fitness and fashion, where the hunt for Hermes bags becomes a sport in itself, testing one's dedication, knowledge, and quick decision-making skills.

  1. Big Talk: Bag Blogs

Big Talk ushers in an era of engaging conversations and in-depth discussions, mirrored in the world of fashion blogs and podcasts. This trend highlights the importance of meaningful dialogue and shared passions, where bag enthusiasts gather to discuss, dissect, and delve into the intricacies of Hermes collecting. Picture vibrant online communities where every stitch, color, and leather type sparks a lively debate. These blogs and forums served as a hub for Hermes aficionados in the early internet days, and are making a big comeback in 2024, offering a platform to showcase personal collections, share experiences, and provide insights into the elusive world of Hermes. It's not just about the bags, but the stories they carry and the community they build. This trend celebrates the power of shared interests to foster connections and enrich knowledge, turning the spotlight on the voices behind the bags.

  1. Bow Stacking: Jane Birkin Style Birkin Styling

The Bow Stacking trend embraces the art of personalizing luxury bags with a playful and creative flair, reminiscent of Jane Birkin's iconic, eclectic style. This trend is all about adorning Hermes bags with an array of charms, stickers, scarves, and other accessories, transforming them into unique expressions of personal style. Inspired by Jane Birkin's legendary approach to customizing her own Hermes bags, this trend encourages individuals to go beyond traditional luxury norms and infuse their bags with personality and whimsy. Picture a classic Birkin or Kelly bag festooned with colorful twilly scarves tied in bows, vibrant bag charms dangling playfully, and artful stickers that tell a story or capture a mood. It’s a celebration of individuality and creativity, where each bag becomes a canvas for self-expression. This trend not only adds a personal touch to the bags but also reflects the owner’s journey, tastes, and experiences, making each Hermes piece even more special and meaningful.


Pinterest's 2024 trend predictions, with their diverse and dynamic themes, align remarkably well with the ever-evolving world of Hermes bags. From the metallic sheen of silver to the playful kitsch of mixed patterns, each trend finds a parallel in the luxurious and individualistic universe of Hermes. The allure of these trends lies not just in their aesthetic appeal, but in the stories they tell and the experiences they encapsulate. Hermes, with its rich history and commitment to craftsmanship, offers a perfect canvas for these trends to come to life, allowing collectors to express their unique styles and personalities.

As we step into 2024, these trends offer a glimpse into the future of fashion, with Hermes bags standing at the forefront as both influencers and reflectors of these evolving styles. Each trend, with its unique flavor and character, invites us to explore new possibilities, celebrate individuality, and embrace the luxury of expressing who we are through the things we cherish. In this vibrant tapestry of trends, Hermes bags serve as both muse and canvas, echoing the desires and aspirations of a world constantly in motion, always reaching for something new, something different, something uniquely ours.

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