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Article: A Retrospective of the Hermes Kelly Sport


A Retrospective of the Hermes Kelly Sport

Originally published on BagWorld
Hermes Kelly Sport 24 MM Black Box with Gold Hardware

The world of Hermes is a whirlwind, constantly evolving, yet sometimes, it circles back to celebrate the classics. Among these classics is the Kelly Sport, a design that had its glory from 1986 to 2001 but had since been shelved. Now, however, it's beginning to captivate a new generation of Hermes enthusiasts.

A Glimpse Into the Past

The Hermes Kelly Sport, predating the popular So Kelly, boasts similarities with its successor, particularly in design elements. It was released in three distinct sizes, each with its unique charm: the compact PM at 20cm, the versatile MM at 24cm, and the ludicrously capacious GM at 29cm. Hermes aficionados appreciate the myriad of options provided both in terms of sizes and the choice between Sellier and Retourne constructions.

Given the variety of materials Hermes championed in the late 80's and throughout the 90's, the Kelly Sport manifested in diverse versions. Whether it's the buttery soft Gulliver, Clemence, Togo, Veau Grain Lisse, Porc, Ostrich, or luxurious Matte Nilo Crocodile, the Retourne Kelly Sports offered an option for every taste. In contrast, the Sellier Kelly Sports unveiled equally mesmerizing variants with materials like Box, Ardennes, Courchevel, Gulliver, Toile, Crinoline, Shiny Crocodile and Alligator, Lizard, and Ostrich.

Hermes Kelly Sport MM and GM Retourne

Distinctive Features

Designed for versatility, the Kelly Sport can transition from a chic crossbody to an elegant shoulder bag. Its standout feature is the iconic sangle/plaque/turet closure – a hallmark of the Hermes Kelly design.

  • Kelly Sport 20 PM: This size is the only Kelly Sport not available in the Retourne construction (Although if you’ve ever seen one, please send me a picture!). Further, it is the lone contender crafted in Lizard, presenting itself with the miniature hardware, akin to 25cm Birkins and Kellys, and other Hermes mini bags.

    Hermes Kelly Sport 20 PM Sellier
  • Kelly Sport 24 MM: Standing as the most prevalent size, it comes in both Retourne and Sellier constructions. The hardware mirrors the dimensions of 28cm or larger Kellys and Birkins. Retourne versions, though rarer, are crafted in materials ranging from Gulliver and Porc to luxurious ones like Ostrich and Matte Nilo Crocodile. The Retourne style is available in both the 24cm MM and the larger 29cm GM sizes.

    Hermes Kelly Sport 24 MM Sellier
  • Kelly Sport 29 GM: This larger version, spanning 29cm at its base, predominantly appears in the Sellier construction. While exotic versions are very hard to come by, they might well be tucked away in the vaults of ardent collectors.

Hermes Kelly Sport 29 GM Sellier

The Future of Kelly Sport

The question on every collector's mind is whether Hermes will breathe new life into the Kelly Sport. Although two decades have lapsed since its production, the contemporary Hermes admirers might find its revival both invigorating and exhilarating, paying homage to a blend of timeless elegance and innovation.

With a rich history, the Kelly Sport stands as a testament to Hermes's commitment to quality, versatility, and style. Whether or not it sees a revival, its legacy remains etched in the annals of Hermes

Hermes Black Box Sellier Kelly Sports in sizes PM (20), MM (24), and GM (29)

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