Jane has long been recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the renowned luxury brand, Hermès. Her illustrious career has extended over two decades, during which time she has built an unrivaled reputation as a passionate collector, insightful consultant, and skilled curator.

Her comprehensive understanding of the Hermès brand has been developed through an intimate exposure to its many facets and nuances. This has given her an unmatched depth of knowledge, making her the definitive source for all things Hermès. With a meticulous attention to detail, she has provided invaluable insights and guidance to top-tier auction houses, discerning collectors, and prominent stylists worldwide. Her expert advice is continually sought after due to her uncanny ability to appreciate the intricacies of this luxury brand and its vast range of products.

Jane's journey into the world of Hermès began in the 1990s, when her husband, a former Vice President and Design Director at the esteemed auction house, Sotheby's, introduced her to the high-energy, fast-paced world of auctions. Inspired by this new venture, Jane quickly realized her deep-seated passion for Hermès. She managed to transform this enthusiasm into a thriving business, one that has led her to the pinnacle of the industry and seen her become a recognized authority on the brand.

However, Jane's extensive knowledge and expertise are only part of her recipe for success. What truly distinguishes her in the industry is her personalized approach to every client she works with. With a keen understanding of the importance of individual needs and preferences, Jane tailors her guidance to each client, ensuring a highly customized service.

Whether her clients are interested in a specific price point, are making their inaugural purchase of an Hermès bag, or are seasoned collectors looking to expand their impressive assortment, Jane is wholly committed to assisting them in their unique journey. She works tirelessly, employing her extensive knowledge and innate understanding of the brand, to ensure her clients feel supported and satisfied at every stage of their Hermès collecting experience.