Jane began her career as an Hermès collector, and consultant in the 90's. Her husband, then a VP for Sotheby’s, inspired her to start turning her passion into a business. But she’d been obsessed with the brand since the early ’80s, when she worked part-time in retail for a boss who would let her borrow her small collection of Hermès bags.

Later on, she worked at a trend-forecasting company, reviewing fashion shows, before buying her first Hermès Birkin bag secondhand. Today, as a world renowned collector and consultant helping other Hermès fans build their collections, she owns more than 150 Hermès bags herself..

Jane is one of worlds leading Hermès experts, and regularly consults with leading auction houses, collectors and stylists across the globe. Jane takes a very personal approach with her clients, something you will not find on other venues or from other supposed experts. No matter what price point you are interested in, your first bag, or your thirtieth - Jane will be with you every step of the way.

Authenticity. Integrity. Trust. JaneFinds, The Worlds Foremost Hermes Collector SHOP NOW

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