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Article: Rare Hermès Birkin Styles

Rare Hermès Birkin Styles

Even though the Birkin is an iconic design recognized the world over, there are rare Birkin styles that are almost never seen. With the recent release of the new HAC A Dos, which borrows its main design elements from the Birkin (or HAC, whose design preceded the Birkin’s) we thought it timely to highlight some lesser-known Birkin styles:

Slim Birkin
The Slim Birkin is one of the rarest on our list, with only a handful ever coming onto the secondary market. This slender style maintains almost all of the classic Birkin elements, with the depth cut in half. Examples have been seen in both 30 and 35cm sizes.

slim hermes birkin


Birkin Cabas
The rare Birkin Cabas forgoes the Birkin’s iconic flap for an open-top design that maintains the sangle/pontet closure. Produced exclusively via special order, this 48cm tote also features three rows of feet at the base. Examples of the Birkin Cabas are as rare as the Slim Birkin.


hermes birkin cabas

Birkin Depeches
Equally as rare as the previous two designs on this list, the Birkin Depeches combines the body of a Kelly Depeches briefcase with the top styling of a classic Birkin. Produced in extremely limited numbers in the mid-2000’s this 35cm bag is almost never seen on the secondary market. Long-Handle Birkin With designs dating back as far as 1990, the 45cm
Slim Birkin


Long Handle Birkin
has the longest history of any bag on this list. Produced primarily by special order, this bag has been hailed as a great Birkin for men. The Long handles are ideal for over-the-shoulder use and the expanded capacity opens up all sorts of opportunities.

hermes birkin long handle rare


Micro Birkin
First seen in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s final runway show, the 15cm micro Birkin made a big splash after JPG’s departure. The 2011 Candy collection saw the new diminutive style produced in new exciting candy colors. Micro Birkins can be found in Epsom and Swift, as well as Lizard, and are quite rare on today's market. Average auction prices for these bags have topped $20,000 for two years in a row now, proving the collectibility of this adorable design.

hermes birkin mini


JPG Shoulder Birkin
Jean-Paul Gaultier’s namesake design, the JPG Shoulder Birkin was introduced in Gaultier’s first collection for Hermes. Produced from 2004 to 2013, the Shoulder Birkin can be found in many colors and materials, including rare examples in crocodile, ostrich, suede and denim with Barenia. Limited Edition Potamos and Leoleila JPG Birkins exist as well but are extremely rare. At 42cm across at the base, the JPG Birkin has exaggerated handles that fit over the shoulder. Nearly a decade after its last production, the JPG Birkin has been rising in value on the secondary market in recent years.

hermes jpg birkin



Honorable Mention:
Jypsiere Another design of Gaultier’s, the Jypsiere is meant to be a crossbody Birkin. First released in 2008 and still in production today, the Jypsiere has been produced in 28, 31, 34 and 37cm sizes, with 28cm Jypsiere's sometimes made in matte crocodile. Jypsiere's are found in many different colors and leathers. Hermes has recently hinted at the upcoming release of a Mini Jypsiere, which, if the success of the Mini Lindy is any indication, will quickly become a must-have for Hermes lovers around the world.
hermes jypsierre

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